Types of Cute Happiness Jars


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Occupational Therapy

These cute happiness jars are created with a profession or occupation in mind. They feature symbols, colors, and elements specifically related to what a person does in life. The collection of satisfying professional moments will help in the first job or on the challenging new career path.

Matching Surroundings

These cute happiness jars are matching the outside environment where they reside: the color palette of the room, school colors, or favorite pattern. They visually appease with the comforting blending in, while the daily entries testify to the steps outside of the comfort zone. Conquering of new lands begins now …

Checks and Balances

Usually life is about both of them equally. However, sometimes people need to be reminded that spending similar amount of time on all the aspect of life is good for their souls. Very busy work, life’s blues, somebody’s departure or arrival throw us off balance. Cute Happiness Jars in this category gather little victories on the way back to normality.

Daringly Different

Distinctive cute happiness  jars for non-conformists. These productions are just different, like people who use them. They are made of unusual color combinations and surprising elements. Hence, these cute happiness jars are, givers’ recognition of recipients’ unique qualities. They are ready to collect everything that makes those outstanding individuals happy.

Wishful Thinking

Do you need an extra help in achieving your dreams and goals? What do you wish on a shooting star? Note every little step that gets you closer to that fulfillment. Store these messages of inspiration in your very own, personalized, fun, and colorful Cute Happiness Jar. It is a lasting and decorative evidence of your journey.

In-joying Parenting

Parenthood is a challenging time. While we daily succeed in the detailed baby care, we timely drop and pick up our middle-schooler to various activities and we regularly check our teen’s whereabouts, we often forget to simply enjoy the presence of an extraordinary human being living with us. Use Cute Happiness Jar to collect those moments when they happen.

Love and Understanding

These cute happiness jars are offered out of love, out of understanding or both, and it transpires. Whether there are your wife’s favorite flowers, your cousin’s longing for grandma’s garden she remembers from 30 years ago, or your tough neighbor’s inclination for pink roses rarely anybody knows about, you know it and you can present them with a Cute Happiness Jar that will collect all those mementos and more.

In a Timely Manner

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, are only few from many celebrations with a precise date and a need for a gift. Use those occasions to introduce people you care about to the idea of collecting happy moments. In a year, review the collection together and discuss the impact it made.