About Happiness Jars

In General


How does it work? Every day, at the end of the day, you write down on a little note the happiest moment of the day. Then, you place this little piece of paper in the jar. Over a period of time, a year, or a month, you gather a record of what you consider your happiness. You can review your collection at any time, analyze those moments, cherish them and maybe sometimes change what you consider a happy moment.


Even on a bad day, there is a good moment; it’s just harder to see sometimes. So, make an effort and look for them, think about what you will note today and everyday


 Our Cute Happiness Jars



The mindful idea of happiness jars somehow clicked with an old, childhood-born passion for crocheted gifts. A sudden expression of creativity, love for colorful yarns and the challenge for interesting patterns did the rest.


 I hope, this cute, individualized way of paying attention to the everyday flow will improve your well-being. Offering this opportunity to people you care about will give you a chance to participate in the development of their self-awareness.


Cute Happiness Jars are made based on a glass jar. In case you are wondering how the message gets to the jar: there is an opening on the top of the jar, between the flowers. The top is fully removable